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LetterStream is a full service printing and mailing company specializing in:

  • Certified Mail
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  • Homeowner Statements
  • Third-Party Administration Mailings
  • Check Mailings
  • Automating Recurring Mailings
  • Seminar and Event Mailings
  • Charitable Giving Statements
  • Not for Profit Mailings

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop my order?

Unfortunately, once you place your order, the letter is as good as gone. We process your order extremely quickly and pass it off to the United States Postal Service. We aren't any better at retrieving a mailed letter than you are.

How long does it take for Certified Mail to be delivered?

Delivery times of Certified Mail vary. We say allow 10 days, but most letters arrive in 5 - 6 days. In some instances, it may take up to 20 days because the postal carrier leaves a note for the recipient to come to the post office and pick up the letter.

Are there any guarantees on Certified Mail?

Unfortunately, the USPS doesn't guarantee anything with Certified Mail. We, however, will guarantee that we give the letter to the USPS the same or next business day.

Why is there no signature yet?

Delivery signatures will not appear until after the letter gets delivered. Sometimes the USPS will not collect a signature. If you are not finding the signature on our website, you might want to check www.usps.com and see if they have a signature that we didn't receive (though that is highly unlikely).

When will I see tracking information?

No tracking information appears until the day after we mail the letter. The tracking information continues to update, as we get information from the Postal Service, until the letter gets delivered.

How do I get my Certified Mail delivery signature?

The signature is available for you to see and/or download on your Job History page. The word "Signature" will appear under the green status boxes when the signature is available.

How will I know when the letter gets delivered?

You can check the Job History page anytime you want in order to see the status of your letter. When the final box turns green, the word "Delivered" will appear under the boxes.

What if I need to change my document?

Unfortunately, once you send your letter through us, it cannot be changed. It is similar to dropping a letter off in a blue drop box at your local post office; once it goes in the bin, it can not be retrieved, changed, altered or cancelled. It gets mailed exactly as it is.


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