Electronic Signature

Electronic signatures as provided by the USPS

Electronic signatures are maintained for easy viewing or download as needed. This signature, according to the USPS carries the same legal weight as the certified mail "green card".

How do you file your Green Cards?

With online electronic signature viewing, organizing green cards for future reference becomes a thing of the past.

Visual Status Bar

See the status of your letters at a glance

Instantly recongnize the status of each letter in your mailing with our color-coded status bar. The bar has three fields for visual tracking, the first box is green when the letter gets mailed, the second box becomes green when delivery has been attempted. The third box is green when delivery is confirmed or red if the letter was returned to you.

Visual status bar
Job Listing

Each mailing is kept online for easy reference

When uploading data for your mailings, you determine the name of the job for easy identification at a later date. You may view the mailing status of each mailing as a whole, as well as the status of each individual letter.

USPS Tracking Data

Complete USPS tracking available 24/7

Through a unique integration with the USPS, the data you see on our website is the same as you would see at usps.com with two distinct advantages: 1. We keep our data available online longer than the USPS 2. There is no need to enter a tracking number to see the details


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