Simplify Your Certified Mail

United States Post Office

No Trips to the Post Office

Our automated online Certified Mail solution eliminates trips to the Post Office. Why put up with the long lines and hassle of going to the Post Office; We do it for you.

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No Labor/No Supplies

Since we do all the work, you don't need to order any supplies. No Certified Mail forms are necessary. You don't even need a printer. We will print your letters and mail them via USPS Certified Mail so you don't have to.

send certified mail in just minutes

Just Minutes

The total process takes only minutes, even to send thousands.


by LetterStream  

LetterStream is revolutionizing Certified Mail processing, allowing you to create, send, and track your Certified Postal Mail in just minutes whether it's one letter or thousands.

Send one letter now for only $7.99.

Sending hundreds or more? Call for special pricing 1-888-501-5288

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Looking for a simpler, much less complicated way to create, send, and track your Certified Mail or letter?

Online Certified Mail brought to you by LetterStream allows you to do just that.

What Makes Us Different?

Ease of Access for your Certified Mail is just one of many features that provides the time saving process. We accomplished this feature by creating a unique integration with United States Postal Service (USPS), allowing us to automate your Certified Mail processing, reducing the process from days to five minutes. Some of our top features include no more trips to the post office, online proofing of one of or all letters, online tracking of each mail piece, return receipts stored online, email confirmation of mailing, and more.

LetterStream is also USPS approved enabling longer tracking information available online.

Send Your Certified Mail Online!

All we need is your address, the address of its destination, the document/letter you want to send in PDF Format, and payment through our secured online server. All within a matter of 5 minutes or less!

Through our online tool, we will print and mail your certified mail or letter in less than two business days, access your USPS provided certified mail tracking number at time of purchase, track the status of your certified mail or letter online at, keep track of your mailing history and more. We provide you with the ability to store all return addresses in your account online to make sending your next certified mail or letter even easier. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop destination online by keeping you from making unnecessary trips to the Post Office, and suffering through long lines and wait time, to send your certified mail or letter.

Costs for a single letter starts at $7.99. Please contact us for greater savings on larger quantities today.

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