Send One From Your Computer

Finally send a Certified Letter from Your Computer

The process is so easy you can send a first-class, certified mail, letter in less than 5 minutes.

Here's all you need...

  1. Your address - for the return address area of the envelope.
  2. The TO address - the complete address where you want the letter sent.
  3. The document/ letter that you want to send in pdf format. See side bar for assistance.
  4. A credit card to make the payment in our secure credit card process.

Here's what we will do...

  1. Print and mail your letter in less than 2 business days
  2. Provide a USPS certified mail tracking number at the time of your purchase
  3. Allow you to track the status of your letter on our website (or at
  4. Maintain the electronic signature of the person who signed for the letter.
  5. Keep track of your mailing history.
  6. Store multiple return addresses on file to make sending your next letter even easier.
  7. Maintain an address book of everyone you send letters to.
  8. Best of all, keep you from making unnecessary trips to the Post Office to send Certified mail.
  9. Your cost for all of this is just $7.99 for a single letter. Please contact us for greater savings on larger quantities.

Great Uses

Our USPS Certified Mail tool is great for sending:

  • Recall Notices
  • Pre-Lien Letters
  • Gym Membership Cancellations
  • Intent to Lien Letters
  • Construction Defect
  • Lien Release Letters
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Debt Relief Letters
  • Other Legal notices
...and any other letters that need to be tracked.

Sending Hundreds?

If you need to send hundreds or even thousands of certified mail letters, contact LetterStream (, our parent company, to get your larger certified mail job completed quickly and easily.

PDF Creation

Need a way to turn your Word, Excel or other computer document into a pdf? We use PrimoPDF. It is easy to use, and what's more, it's Free!


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