What makes us different

Below are some features of this time saving process.

  • Templates Online for Instant Letter Creation
  • Online Proofing of One or All Letters
  • Online Tracking of Each Mail Piece
  • Electronic Signatures Available Online
  • Multiple-User Login Access
  • Email Confirmation of Mailing
  • Immediate Processing and Mailing
  • USPS Approved
  • Tracking Information Available Online Longer

Unique USPS Approved Integration

Through a unique integration with the United States Postal Service (USPS), LetterStream can automate your Certified Mail processing, reducing a process that would normally take days down to a couple of minutes. Eliminate every headache of preparing Certified Mail with LetterStream's Online Certified Mail Process. Never before has Certified Mail been so easy.

Better Tracking

Visually Track each Letter

Our online tracking tool allows instant tracking of an entire batch of letters.

  • visual status bar
  • organized your way
  • easy access

Time Saver

How will you continue to handle a growing need for certified mail? Eliminate the timeframe limitations and reduce your certified mailings to just minutes each month. At nearly a 90% reduction in time needed to create your mailings, certified mail will no longer be the topic of many meetings.