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No Trips to the Post Office

Our automated Online Certified Mail solution eliminates the hassle of going to the Post Office to send your certified letter and allows you to send mail online. With us, you can send all your certified mail wherever you are. No need for supplies or certified mail labels.

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Fast and Simple

Online Certified Mail is simply the easiest way to send mail certified online. Because we print and mail your letters for you, the process only takes minutes, even to send hundreds. And our Electronic Return Receipts saves you time and saves you money.

Easy mobile certified mail tracking

Enhanced Online Letter Tracking

Our online tracking tool allows you to see the tracking information of your letter at any time, without needing to manually enter your tracking number. Additionally, you can view the Delivery Signature of the recipient once the letter has been delivered.

Revolutionizing Certified Mail

In the past, sending certified mail was a long and arduous process, involving filling out forms, sealing them, and taking them to the post office. Now, you can send hundreds straight from your computer or mobile device in just minutes. You upload your document, pick your recipient, and we'll print, seal, and send the mail via the United States Postal Service for you. Stop wasting time the old-fashioned way and let us do the work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Certified Mail?

Certified Mail is an extra service that can be purchased for first class mail that includes proof of mailing, certified mail tracking, and USPS proof of delivery. Additionally, we include an Electronic Return Receipt, requiring the recipient to provide a signature at delivery. Certified Mail is most commonly sent when a sender requires proof of mailing, proof of delivery and is often used and/or required for significant notifications pertaining to medical debt collection, warrants, property liens, credit information, and various legal concerns. The tracking service provided by the US Postal Service acts as a third-party verifier of compliance.

Can I stop a letter from being mailed?

If you've already paid for your letter, unfortunately there is no way for us to stop it. Once we hand your letters over to the USPS for delivery they are completely out of our control.

How do I track my letters?

There are a couple of different ways to track your letters. Directly within your OnlineCertifiedMail account (login to your account and then click the green History button), or at USPS.com. You will just need your tracking number in order to track them on the USPS website.

When will my letters be delivered?

We can only go off what the USPS says about this, as they are in control of the delivery process. They say that Certified mail typically takes 3-5 business days to be delivered, but keep in mind that we've observed the delivery of mail slow down since the pandemic started so we usually say to allow for 10-14 business days for your mail to be delivered.

How do I access the signature confirmation (aka "proof of delivery" and "green card")?

You can access the signature by logging into your account and then clicking the green History button. If the USPS has successfully delivered your letter, this page will provide you with a link to download the electronic return receipt (ERR) otherwise known as the signature confirmation file. Keep in mind that it can take a couple of business days after delivery for the USPS to give us access to the signatures so if you don't see it yet, that could be why.

What if my letter never gets delivered?

Unfortunately this seems to happen from time to time. If it's been longer than 14 business days and your letter still hasn't been delivered then we typically recommend reaching out directly to the USPS to see if they can provide you with any extra information. We can't guarantee their side of the process but we can, and do, guarantee what we're responsible for which is printing your documents, inserting and sealing them into Certified Mail envelopes, and then handing them over to the USPS for delivery.

How does pricing work?

It's fairly straight forward. We charge $9.69 per letter, up to 8 sheets of paper. The price for 9 - 14 pieces of paper is $10.69.

What if I can't login?

Sorry about that! We try to make this easy, but sometimes an email address or password can be forgotten (it happens to the best of us). In that case, we recommend searching your emails for a past email from us to see which email address of your we have on file. Then you can click here to reset your password. The password email that our system sends you might go to your spam folder, so be sure to check everywhere for it.

Can I save my credit card information?

It's quite easy to save your credit card information. You'll see the option once you go to pay for your first letter. You can also modify or change your saved credit card information on the same screen before you pay.

What if I don't see my question here?

If you don't see your question, don't worry we have a robust help tool available at the bottom right of every page for all of your certified mail questions. You may also want to view our frequently asked questions.

Track Your Letter

We can track your letter even if you didn't use our online tools to create your certified letter; simply enter your number and click the "track it" button. If you didn't find the results you were looking for, you might want to try and re-enter the number and make sure that you enter the entire number.