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Product Overview

Revolutionize your Certified Mail

Online Certified Mail is a great way to create your mail online and have it mailed via the United States Postal Serivce (USPS). The process is as simple as sending your file to our website. After you approve your instant online proofs we do the rest. We print, fold, insert and mail your letters using our USPS approved Certified Mail envelopes.

Our automated printing and mailing facility, with USPS integration, can easily accommodate any number of pieces in your mailing. We maintain all your mailings online giving you real-time access to view and track the status of each individual mail piece. After your certified letter is delivered, you will be able to see a printable image of the signature next to each letters' tracking information.

This revolutionary process allows you to send literally thousands of certified mail letters in less than 10 minutes. In addition you can quickly and easily view the real-time status of every letter in a single glance.

Save Time, Save Effort, Save Money and eliminate the headaches of manually processing your certified mail.


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